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For Teachers

Throughout my career I have found that the many my most powerful learning moments, have been while engaging in deep conversations with colleagues &/or experts. It is when I have the opportunity to really dig in and discuss the issues I am having in my classroom or with the curriculum that I am currently teaching that I have experienced the most meaningful growth as a teacher. After many years teaching a variety of Science curricula (including the Ontario (Canada) curriculum, Next Generation Science Standards (US Common Core), Advanced Placement (US), MYP and IB Diploma and taking on the roles of an IB examiner and Head of Science that I have come to realize that I could be that helpful expert for my fellow teachers. 

While I am an experienced IB Biology teacher & examiner I want to clarify that the coaching services I offer are fundamentally different from the type of training you would receive at an official IB Category 1, 2 or 3 course. Rather than explaining the course or other components of the Subject Guide to you my goal is to help you apply that knowledge in your own classroom in the most effective manner for you and your students. The goal is for you to come away from the session with a tangible plan and resources to help you get there. 

For Students

As a science teacher with 14 years of experience in the classroom and many more years of tutoring experience both in-person and online I can safely say how much of an impact tutoring can have. The ability to work with students individually or in small groups means that I can focus on the students' individual needs that is simply not possible in a classroom full of students. I am able to tutor students in General Science from grade 6 - 10 (MYP, NGSS or Canadian curricula) as well as students in IB Diploma Biology, IB Diploma Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) as well as AP Biology & AP Environmental Science. As an IB Biology examiner I have insights into the assessment of the IA (Internal Assessment) which I can use to help students submit the best possible IA. The goal of every tutoring session is for the student to have gained a good understanding of the lesson, applied their knowledge and built confidence in the subject area. 

From Pankaj, a 1:1 Teacher Coaching Client:

"Overall, an amazing learning experience how to start teaching IBDP Biology...I believe I am prepared to start teaching IBDP Sciences virtually and in-person."

Get a Quote

If you would like to work with me please reach out to get a quote, prices vary based on the service requested, the number of participants and the number of sessions. I can't wait to learn about your particular needs and how I can help you to reach your goals as a teacher or student!

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